Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. 

After graduating from conservatories in Erevan (Armenia) and Zürich (Switzerland) Valeri Tolstov was supposed to become a classical organ and flute player.  The turning point of his musical career was at the concert, where 25 students had to perform the same concert of W.A. Mozart. After playing it himself and listening to this concert for 25 more times Valeri decided, he has to find his own way in music :-).  

As it often happens, people who went away from their home feel urge to return to their roots.  Having deep knowledge in classical music and jazz, Valeri "dived" into Armenian folklore finding his own approach to archaic material.

In 2009 Valeri managed to ignite amazing jazz and folk singer Veronika Stalder.  Later subtle and creative percussionist Peter Somos, incredible pianist Evgeny Lebedev and bass player Thomas Tavano have joined his journey to Armenian music roots.  That was the beginning of Authentic Light Orchestra. And their journey brings the band all around the world.

What they do? They literally  "dress" Armenian folk music in new modern coat decorated with jazzy and classical "accessories" - and that in a most creative and captivative way.


Studio work

Music Video - Armenian Dance