8 Dezember - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
28 Februar - Kulturkarussel, Staefa, Zurich, Switzerland
7 Mach -  Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
8 March  - Botanic Garden Moscow, Russia
21 Mai - Esse Jazz Club Moscow, Russia
22 Mai - Samara Jazz Festival, Russia
23 Mai - Pensa Jazz Festival, Russia
5 Juni - Andelfingen Kirche, Zurich, Switzerland
18 Juni - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
3-6 July  Rudolstadt Festival, Germany
9 July - Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow, Russiа - 10th anniversary of the group!
21/21 August - "Zug Jazz Nights" Festival, Switzerland
28 / 29 August - International Music Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
5 September - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
25 - 30 September - Mauritius Tour
22 October  - Jazz Festival with Symphony Orchestra Arkhangelsk, Russia 
24-30 October  - evt. India Tour
4-7 November - Jazz Province Festival, Russia 
November - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
21 November - Villa Strauelli Winterthur, Switzerland
9 Dezember - Philharmonie Hall Kazan with String Orchestra, Russia 
20 Dezember - Esse Jazz Club (2th concert), Moscow, Russia
20 Dezember - Esse Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
19 Dezember - Esse Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
5 Dezember -  Basel, Switzerland
16 Oktober - India Tour
14 Oktober -  India Tour
13 Oktober -  India Tour
12 Oktober - India Tour
11 Oktober -  India Tour
10 Oktober - Rajasthan RIFF Festival, India
29 Mai - Philharmonie, Kazan, Russia 
25 Mai - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
19 Mai - South Korea Tour
18 Mai - South Korea Tour
17 Mai - South Korea Tour
16 Mai - South Korea Tour 
24 April - Kozlov Jazz Club Moscow, Russia
4 April - Philharmonie Hall, Erevan, Armenia
8 March - Botanic Garden, Moscow, Russia 
7 March - Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia 
5 March - Mir Sibiri Festival, Krasnojarsk
1-3 November - Hardstudio Session, Winterthur, Switzerland 
18 Oktober - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
14 September - Piccolo Festival, Teatro de Capua, Switzerland
20 Juli - Voronezh, Russia
19 Juli - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
18 Juli - Dubna, Russia
8 Mai - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia 
22 Mart - ESSE Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
18 Februar - "WOMAD OFF" World Music Festival, Santiago, Chile  
17 Februar -  Casa De Salud, Koncepcion, Chilie
16 Februar - "WOMAD" World Music Festival, Santiago, Chile 
15 Februar - Teatro Grez,  Santiago, Chile  
11 Februar -  Concert Hall "La Usina del Arte", Buenos Aires, Argentina
25 Januar - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
14 Dezember - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia 
30 November - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
12 October - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
6 October - "Ritmo" World Music Festival, Budapest, Ungarn
22 September - Opera Theater Erevan, Armenia
18 August - Kektebel Jazz Festival
30 July - KAMWA Festival, Perm, Russia
8 July - "Mir Sibiri" World Music Festival, Shushenskoe, Russia
7 July - "City Jazz", Moscow, Russia
6 July  - Esse Jazz Club Moscow, Russia
16 June - Esse Jazz Club Moscow, Russia
26-30 April -  Authentic Light Orchestra will be presented at the "Armenian Jazz Highlights" - "Jazzahead", Bremen, Germany
25 March - Esse Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
24 March - International Music Festival, Erevan, Armenia
18 February - Folk Alliance International, Kansas City, USA
Private showcase by Unated Nations
17 February - Folk Alliance International, Kansas City, USA
Official showcase, Century C
16 February -Folk Alliance International, Kansas City, USA
Private showcase by Unated Nations
15 February - Folk Alliance International, Kansas City, USA
Private showcase by Access Conscious Alliance, Rocky Mountain Suite 
12 February - BlueWhale Jazz Club, Los Angeles, USA (postponed)
20 November - Russian World Music Awards, Moscow
21 September - Kozlov Club Moscow
16 September - Jazz Club Esse, Moscow
4 August - Openair Festival, Moscow
18 Juni - Volkshaus Zurich, Switzerland
20 Mai - Esse Jazz Club Moscow
31 April - Jazz Day, Esse Jazz Club, Moscow
29.Januar - Jazz Festival, Stäfa, Switzerland
28.Januar - Kulturscheune, Liestal, Switzerland
21.November- Baden-Baden, Germany
15.Oktober - Hop Head , Moscow, Russia
 22-26.September- Armenien Tour
28.September - The Club, Erevan, Armenia
26.September - Kami Club
5.September - Cafeschian Art Centre Hall, Erevan, Armenia
24.September - Kami Club, Erevan, Armenia
23.September - Vaagni Centre, Armenia
21.September - Philharmonic Hall, Lemberg, Ukraine
20.September - Internationale Jazz Festival, Vinnitza, Ukraine
19.September - Internationale Jazz Festival, Odessa, Ukraine
18.September - Esse Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia
17.September - China Town Club, Moscow, Russia
16.September - Internationale Jazz Festival, Rostov, Russia
15.September- International Jazz Festival Rostov, Russia
14.September - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia
1.April - Gallery Albert und Melanie Rüegg, Zurich, Switzerland
4.April - Toni Areal, Zurich, Switzerland
7.April - B-flat, Berlin, Germany
14.Juni - Maur, Zurich, Switzerland
17.Juni - Kozlov Club, Moskau, Russia
19.Juni - ESSE Jazz Club, Moskau, Russia
20.Juni - Usadba Jazz Festival, Moskau, Russia


9.März- Stenzerei, Baden, Switzerland


12.März- Andelfingen, Zurich/Switzerland


13.März- Theater im Waaghaus Winterthur, Switzerland


14.März- Schlosshof, Altikon, Switzerland


15.März- Mehrspur, Zurich, Switzerland


16.März- Soundabout Zurich, Switzerland


12.June- Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia


13.June- International World Music Festival "Dikaya Myata",

Mosow, Russia


14.June-International Jazz Festival "Usadba Jazz", Moscow, Russia


15.June- House of Arts,  Festival , Moscow, Russia


16.June- Art Centre, Korolev, Russia


17.June- Art Centre, Ryazan, Russia


18.June- Philharmonic Hall Tula, Russia


19.June- International Jazz Festival Tambov, Russia


20.June- Nijny Novgorod, Russia


21.June- "Water Stage" Open Air Festival, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


22.June- Open Air, Cheboksari, Russia


23.June- Open Air, Cheboksari, Russia


24.June-  Open Air, Samara, Russia


25.June-  Open Air, Ufa, Russia


26.June- Openair Music Festival Izhevsk, Russia


27.June- Openair Festival "Rock Line",  Perm, Russia


28.June- International Jazz Festival "JazzEver", Ekaterinburg, Russia


29.June- Ekaterinburg, Russia


30.June-  Philharmonic Hall, Chelyabinsk, Russia


1.July-  Philharmonic Hall, Tumen, Russia


2.July-  Snejinsk Festival, Russia


3.July- Philharmonic Hall, Novosibirsk, Russia


4.July- "Vnikuda" Novosibirsk, Russia


5.July- "Gelikon", Novokuznetsk, Russia


6.July- Philharmonic Hall, Kemerovo, Russia


7.July- Achinsk, City Hall, Russia


8.July-  Zheleznogorsk, Russia


9.July- Festival  Zelenogorsk, Russia


 11.July- Openair Music Festival, Baykalsk, Russia


12.July- World Music Festival "Voice of Nomads", Ulan Ude, Russia


13.July- World Music Festival "Voice of Nomads", Ulan Ude, Russia


15.July- Irkutsk "Beerloga", Russia


16.July- Irkutsk Festival "Jazz on Baykal", Russia


17.July- Argansk "Beerloga", Russia


18.July- Argansk, Russia


19.July- International Music Festival "Feliks", Krasnoyarsk


20.July- International Music Festival "Feliks", Krasnoyarsk


21.July- Philharmonic Hall, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


22.July- Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia


23.July- Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia


24.July- Intertnational Jazz Festival "Usadba Sandenskogo", Kazan, Russia


1.November - Philharmonie Hall, Krasnojarsk, Russia


2.November - Esse Jazz Club, Moscow, Russia


3.November - International Festival "Jazz Province", Kursk, Russia


4.November - World Music Festival "Muzeon", Moscow, Russia


5.November - Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia


6.November - Dubna, Russia


7.November - International Jazz Festival, Krasnodar, Russia


8.November - International Jazz Festival "Jazz Province", Voronej, Russia


9.November - University, Voronezh, Russia


21.November - Kremlin Palace Hall, Moscow, Russia





31.June- Theater am Waaghaus, Winterthur, Switzerland


1.July- Willa Strauli, Winterthur, Switzerland


31.July- ESSE Winterthur, Switzerland


11.July-Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia


7.September–International Jazz Festival «Usadba Jazz» Moskau, Russia


8.September- The Moscow union of artists, Moskau, Russia


9.September- Live am TV, Moskau, Russia


10.September- Kozlov Club, Moskau, Russia


11.September- Jagger Club, St,Petersburg, Russia


13.September- FlashMob in Erevan


14.September- Naregatsi Art Institute, Masterkurs, Eriwan, Armenia


15.September- YANS Club, Eriwan, Armenia


16.September- Eriwan Opera, Eriwan, Armenia


17.September- Live "Balcony TV"


18.September- Eriwan Opera, Eriwan, Armenia


20.September- Gorka Club, Yaroslavl, Russia


21-22.September- World Musik Festival, Moskau, Russia


8.November- HTW Chur, Switzerland


21 Dezember- «Eisblumen» Theater am Waaghaus, Winterthur, Switzerland




6.September-Art-Centre "DOM",Moscow (Russia)


5.September-Club "MASTERSKAYA",Moscow (RUSSIA)


4.September-Jazz Club "KOZLOV",Moscow (Russia)​


3.September-Art-Centre "GEZ-21",St.Petersburg (Russia)


2.September-Club "JAGGER",St.Petersburg (Russia)​


31.August - Club "SVITER S OLENYAMI",St.Petersburg (Russia)


30.August-Club "B2",Moscow (Russia)


20.August-"Musikfestwoche"Winterthur (Switzerland)


24.June - Fete de la musique,Geneve (Switzerland)


23. Juny - Caveau du d`Or-Chexbres,(Switzerland)


14. April - Schlosshof, Altikon (Switzerland)​


18.March - ESSE, Winterthur (Switzerland)


11.March - Soundabout Festival, ​Zurich (Switzerland)


10.March - Soundabout Festival, Zurich (Switzerland)


3.March - Dimensione, Winterthur (Switzerland)​


29.February - Trio "Ephemeris", St. Gallen (Switzerland)


25. Febuary - Mehrspur, Zurich (Switzerland)​​​​​





1.November- Meylenstein, Zurich, (Switzerland)



under constraction..